Welcome to the emu.id.au web server. Registration in emu.id.au provides Domain Name Service (DNS) records only, for addresses of the form xxx.emu.id.au. Please note that we are NOT a hosting service, nor a webmail provider - simply a delegator of domain names within the emu.id.au namespace. You will need to confirm that your ISP is willing and able to accept the delegated names in order for them to be any use to you.

emu.id.au is a member of the ID.AU DNS namespace for individuals. The various ID.AU domains have slightly different policies and operational procedures, that for emu.id.au is listed below:

Policy for the EMU.ID.AU domain

  1. Entries available to non-organisational users personal systems in the ACT and SE NSW region in Australia
  2. No charge will be levied at present (may change)
  3. Will not provide mail alias functions for people whose accounts are on a large multi-user system.

Detailed Policy

description is available.

Registration Info

is provided if you beleive you satisfy the requirements for emu.id.au registration.

Contact emu.admin@emu.id.au for conditions and further information.

emu.admin@emu.id.au / 14 Sep 2005