EMU.ID.AU Policy Details

If you are satisfied that your request meets the guidelines, then you need to email the following details to emu.admin@emu.id.au:
Full Name:

Postal Address:

Phone Numbers:				(bh)				(ah)

 (as applicable)			(mob)				(fax)

Email Address(es):
 (work and/or home)

DNS Name Requested:

DNS Information to Record:
    Type of Record Wanted	Information Required
    [ ] A - address		IP address:
    [ ] MX - mail exchange	System Name:
    [ ] NS - nameserver		Primary System Name:
		"		Primary System IP:
		"		Secondary System Name:
		"		Secondary System IP:

1) if an MX record is requested, and you do not administer that system,
please confirm that the system adminstrator is prepared to accept email
to the requested domain name, and to relay ALL such mail to your system:

System Administrators Name:
Sysadmin Email:

2) NS delegations will only be issued if you are prepared to fulfil the
requirements for hosting a DNS domain - this is NOT for the
INEXPERIENCED.  Primary and secondary servers on independent hosts on
physically distinct networks must be established before such a
delegation will be granted.  Please contact the administrators to
confirm that the delegation will be accepted, and the name approved,
for this process. The nominated secondaries must be configured and
accepting lookups & zone transfer requests before the name will be
actually delegated.

emu.admin@emu.id.au / 14 Sep 2005