EMU.ID.AU Policy Details

Some background. Registration in emu.id.au (or indeed in any id.au domain) involves the provision of a Domain Name Service (DNS) record ONLY, for an address of the form xxx.emu.id.au. It does not provide an actual email service or other network access.

DNS records apply to entire hosts. Registration in the emu.id.au domain is intended for people administering their OWN PERSONAL UNIX (or similar) systems being fed from some service provider, to provide such systems with a domainname that is independent of any particular service provider. It is NOT a mail alias service for individual users.

There are basically three types of DNS records supported:

As a quick check on whether a name in the emu.id.au domain is appropriate for you, the answers to the following should all be yes:

  1. Do you run your OWN PERSONAL Unix (or other network aware, mail handling at least) system?
  2. Does it have a (possibly semi) permanent connection to its service provider using uucp or slip or ppp (not just a dialup terminal connection)?
  3. If slip or ppp connected, do you have a fixed, permanent IP number?
  4. Is your service provider configured to forward ALL mail to ANY user at the requested domain name to this system?
  5. Are you located in the ACT or SE NSW region in Australia?
If you believe you satisfy the guidelines, please see the Registration Details

If you do not satisfy the above guidelines, some of the other id.au domains have slightly different policy guidelines, and may be more appropriate to your requirements.

emu.admin@emu.id.au / 15 Jun 97